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Monday, 3 June 2013

Just a little'un...

Hello you lot :)

Just a little'un to say I am off travelling again, back to the fair city of Nottingham, for one night only, on 18th of this month. Well, I have to. You see, there's this gig I have to be at.

18th June. Pepper Rocks. With Satsuma Elephants. And me rocking my own Satsuma Elephants t-shirt! I shall, of course, be taking pics, and blogging all about it afterwards. And should anyone want their own Satsuma Elephants T-shirt, well, that can be arranged for a modest fee. ;)

I am excited. That comment must rank as the understatement of the century!

It has been far too long since I last saw Matt & Chris, and I'm damned if I'll leave it any longer. So, off I go again.

Five hour journey there, five hour journey back the following day.

How's that for dedication :)

Just proves how good they are, doesn't it...either that or I'm completely barking mad! (which is a possibility, I grant you...) Or both.

Next blog will be a review of the gig :) With pics :)

Until then

Au revoir, mes amis. A bientot